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Choki - SOLD


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Artist: Eishosai Choki
Title: The Courtesan Tsukasa-Dayu
Date: originally published c. 1790s, this early 20th century
Size: oban, approximately 10" x 15"
Condition: VG, with minor flaws as shown
Impression: VG, excellent reproduction with attention to details, solid key lines and nice surface texture, with silver mica background (see the detail image for a close up of the delicate carving/printing of the hair on this print)
Color: VG, with bleed through to verso
Notes: Choki is generally ranked as one of the four great masters of bijin-ga (pictures of beautiful women) in the Kansei era (1789-1801). Of these four masters, Utamaro was undoubtedly the most important, but the other three: Eishi, Shuncho, and Choki, were all important in their own right, and Choki in particular, succeeded in developing a very distinctive personal style. This print is considered one of his masterpieces and an original copy served as the cover of one of Robert Michener's books on ukiyo-e.