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Yoshida Hiroshi - SOLD


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Artist: Hiroshi Yoshida
Title: Climbing Snow Valley at Harinoki from the series Twelve Scenes in the Japanese Alps
Date: originally published 1926, this is a posthumous edition published by the Yoshida Studio which is now also out of print; embossed signature
Size: oban, approx. 10.75 x 16"
Condition: VG, no flaws
Impression: Fine, solid key lines, tight registration, and good surface texture
Color: Fine, deep saturated color with bleed through to verso
Documentation: The Complete Woodblock Prints of Hiroshi Yoshida, illustration 36, page 55

About Hiroshi Yoshida
Hiroshi Yoshida climbed in the Japanese Alps for about two months every summer. The subjects in his series Twelve Scenes in the Japan Alps are of mountain climbing, camping and the changes of weather in the morning and the evening. In this print, Climbing Snow Valley, the second man from the bottom was a friend of Yoshida's named Kobayashi Kisaku, who was an excellent hunter. Yoshida named the mountain path that Kobayashi opened Kisaku Shindo, or Kisaku's new path.