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Hiroshige - SOLD


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Artist: Ando Hiroshige
Title:Fireworks at Ryogoku, #98 from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo
Date: originally published 8/1858,, this is c. 1920s published by Hasegawa/Nishinomiya from recarved wood blocks
Size: oban, approx. 10.5" x 15" overall
Very Good, no flaws, on time toned older paper, uncirculated print, never framed
Impression: Fine, solid key lines, tight color registration and good surface texture
Color: Fine, dark blue-gray background color in sky area is unusual, as is yellow printing in the area of the fireworks explosions, and the striking clarity of the carving of the landscape beyond the river and the activity on the bridge (often these details are barely visible due to the heavy overprinting of black — see Brooklyn copy); and red in cartouché matches the Brooklyn Museum version; all in all an excellent older copy of this Hiroshige masterpiece
Documentation: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo Brazillier, 1986, print 98