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Kaigetsudo - SOLD


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Artist: Kaigetsudo School
A Beauty of the Yoshiwara

Date: originated c. 1715 published, this late 19th century
Size: oban, approximately 10" x 15"
Condition: VG, vertical fold as issued
Impression: VG, excellent reproduction with attention to details, solid key lines a
Color: VG, with bleed through to verso
Notes: This is a vintage reproduction woodblock of a Kaigetsudo design dating from around 1715. The original would have been hand painted, but the color here has been added by the woodblock printing process with separate blocks carved in order to print each color. To date 23 different towering kakemono designs of of beautiful women (bijin-ga) by the Kaigetsudo school are known, each so similar that no one could mistake them. Even the major variations are inconsequential. One shows a woman seated on a box, another gives the woman a girl attendant, a third has a kitten in the lower left corner. Twelve of the women face the viewer's right (as in this one) while the remaining 11 face to the left. Each of the known designs appears to be part of a calendar covering two years with one design being lost. The women represented the leading courtesans of Edo and the prints were likely advertising for the major houses in the Yoshiwara pleasure district of Edo. Portraits of reigning public beauties were always popular, and appear through all the various stages of ukiyo-e, but this style is among the earliest.