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Artist: Kogyo Terazaki
Russo-Japanese War Triptych (Sinking of the battleship Oslyabya at the Battle of Tsushima)
Size: triptych (three oban sheets), each sheet approx. 9.25" x 14.1"; 27.75" x 14.1" overall
Condition: Good +, backed, trimmed, with various soils, tone and foxing as shown
Impression: VG, solid key lines, gofun added to indicate snow, nice surface texture, tight registration
Color: VG, deep saturated color and bleed through to verso
Notes: Undocumented senso-e depicting the sinking of the Russian battleship Oslyabya by the Japanese fleet. The Oslyabya was the first armored battleship ever sunk by gunfire alone, without any torpedo hits. Of her crew, 515 lost their lives, while 250 were rescued by the Russian destroyer Bychok. The artist has taken several liberties in his depiction of the battle which took place at 3 p.m. on May 27, 1905, which might preclude the snow and darkness.