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Artist: Utagawa Kunisada
Yokkaichi, number 44 from the series Fifty-Three Parallels for the Tokaido Road

Date: original 1845, publisher: Kojima, signed Kunisada
Size: oban, 9.6" x 14.1"
Condition: VG, very crisp, tightly registered early printing, minor soils, repaired wormage, trimmed at top, NOT backed, clean verso
Impression: VG, early printing, excellent registration and surface texture
Color: VG, excellent original color
Notes: The Fifty-three Parallels for the Tokaido Road was a joint effort by Kunisada, Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi. Kunisada was responsible for eight of the prints, Hiroshige between 19 and 22 (the exact number is unknown, and Kuniyoshi 30. It is also believed that there may be as many as six more as yet undiscovered prints in the series, but only 58 are known. "Yokkaichi" means "Fourth Day Market." Beginning on the 4th of every month, a six-day market was held during the Edo era.