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Sharaku - SOLD


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Artist: Sharaku Toshusai
Title: portrait of the kabuki actor Ichikawa Komazo

Date: originally published 1794 by Tsutaya Juzaburo, this recarved late Meiji or Taisho period
Size: oban, approximately 10"  x 15"
Condition: VG, generally excellent condition with distressing to the mica
Impression: VG, excellent reproduction with attention to details, solid key lines and nice surface texture
Color: VG, with bleed through to verso
Provenance: Robert O. Muller estate
Notes:  Sharaku is considered the most enigmatic genius of all ukiyo-e artists. His work burst on the scene in 1794, and eighteen months later it just as suddenly ceased never to be heard from again. To this day no one has solved the mystery of who Sharaku was, or the reasons behind his brief but brilliant career. It has been posited that Sharaku was Utamaro's art name for designs of kabuki actors, but other's claim this is impossible. There are about 140 Sharaku prints recorded, among them some of the most coveted prints in all of the floating world.