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Shoun Yamamoto - SOLD


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Yamamoto Shoun
Special Exhibition of the Collection of the Ota Memorial Museum of Art 

2006, Ota Museum of Art, Kochi, 8.8" x 11.75", 92 pages softcover, 151 color illustrations + 10 black and white illustrations, complete list of plates in English, otherwise Japanese text.

Catalog of work by the artist Yamamoto Shoun (1870-1965) one of the most prolific print-designers of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. The catalog includes prints as well as paintings, all reproduced in excellent color illustrations, offering a broad overview of Shoun's work. Although Shoun's style was distinctly modern compared to ukiyo-e, his style was transitional between the that of the ukiyo-e tradition and that of the shin hanga artists. Today he is primarily remembered for his portraits of late Meiji-era bijin ("beautiful women"), however he also left us a large number of landscapes and kacho-e that were probably part of the inspiration for the early shin hanga prints. Shoun was born in Kochi City in 1870 and by the age of 17 had moved to Tokyo where he studied nanga painting with Taki Watei. Around the age of 20 he worked as an illustrator for Fugoku gaho, a pictorial journal of popular places in Tokyo. Shoun died at the age of 95 in 1965.