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Artist: Utamaro Kitagawa
Title: Secret Love from the series Selected Poems on the Theme of Love

Date: originally published c. 1800 by Tsutaya Juzaburo, this (c. 1950s) published by Adachi with publisher's seal on verso
Size: oban, approximately 10" x 15"
Condition: VG, minor flaws as shown, pale pink mica background
Impression: VG, excellent reproduction with attention to details, solid key lines and nice surface texture, with pale pink mica background
Color: VG, with bleed through to verso
About this print:
The woman in this print is caught in a private, pensive mood. She holds a slender pipe in her hand and expels smoke with an almost audible sigh, her parted lips revealing a glimpse of black-enameled teeth as she does so. In the late 1700s one of Utamaro's main products, de luxe anthologies of poems, were banned by law, so he, together with publisher Tsutaya Jūsaburō, started to make these half-length (ō-kubi) prints instead. Set against mica backgrounds, the format shows the bijin ('beautiful women') to perfection. Utamaro is particularly celebrated for his ability to capture the individuality of his female subjects in all their moods.