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Artist: Yoshitoshi Tsukioka
Komuraski Lamenting at the Grave of Her Lover Shirai Gompachi
1886, with three color cartouché at upper right (indicating first edition) published by Tsunashima Kamekichi/ signed: Yoshitoshi; sealed: Yoshitoshi, engraver: Horiko Wada
Size: oban diptych; each print approx. 9.6" x 14.125"; 19.2" x 14.125" overall
Condition: VG, (see enlargements below), binding holes in left margin, bottom margin trimmed to border edge, not backed; otherwise very good (seems to have been in an album until recently)
Impression: VG, solid key lines, excellent registration, extensive use of lacquer in the black areas, with wood grain evident in right panel indicating an early impression
Color: VG, deep saturated original color with bleed through to verso
Documentation: see page 137 of Beauty and Violence: Japanese Prints by Yoshitoshi or Yoshitoshi:The Splendid Decadent, page 69, number 84
The once wealthy and beautiful 16 year old Komuraskai, who has been reduced to being a prostitute, laments at the grave of her lover Shirai Gonpachi, the murderer of over 130 samurai, from the kabuki play Hiyoku no cho yume no Yoshiwara (Lover's nightmare in the Yoshiwara) about two famous seventeenth century lovers. You can find a synopsis of the kabuki play by clicking here.