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About the Kaigetsudo School
Scholars now generally believe that Kaigetsudo Anodo along with six followers, worked at the Kaigetsudo (Yearning for the Moon Studio) in the Suwa-cho district of Asakusa near Edo's pleasure quarter, Yoshiwara. Capitalizing on their location, the artists sold paintings of aloof, elegantly dressed courtesans executed in a boldly drawn and colored style reminiscent of the votive plaques (ema) donated to temples. Typical clients were the Edo townsmen or provincial visitors on their way to and from the pleasure quarter -- men who either dreamed of an evening with a high class courtesan or who wanted momentos of such an experience. In an enterprising and complementary venture, three Kaigetsudo artists designed woodblock prints of similar courtesans in the vertical oban format suitable for mounting as hanging scrolls. 

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